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For those who are ill and their loved ones

This page is dedicated to active service members, veterans and their loved ones who are ill as a result of chemical exposure due to their service in our military branches.

First and foremost, thank you for your years of service in the military and most especially for your service in the Gulf War. You are not alone in your quest for answers in regards to becoming ill with cancer/leukemia after service in Iraq or Afghanistan – the list of those, who like you have served, and have become so seriously ill due to exposure is now in the hundreds. Certainly far more cases than would occur in the natural course of life, particularly for healthy young men and women.

We are not lawyers, we are not doctors, we’re just family members sharing what we have found. Please let us know of any resources that you may find, we’d love to include them.

Going Public?

This site features a small handful of the many that have died &/or become ill due to exposure.    Please visit:
In Loving Memory
Those Still Battling
and listen to these veterans and their families, in their own words.

We work with many families, only a few of whom have chosen to be featured on this site. For many, the wounds are too tender to display publically and for others it is part of the healing to speak out in this format. You and your family will know what is best for you. If you would like to be included in the site, please contact us directly. 

Whether or not you choose to be on the web site you are welcome and encouraged to join our group. We will do our best to keep you informed.

In addition to helping each other with resources and news, we can work towards preventing other families from having to go through this. Please sign up for the GWC Family Newsletter to keep updated on things we feel you may want to be aware of.

Our Goals:

To do all that we can to help veterans and their families who are suffering from illnesses due to chemical exposure.

To do all that we can to educate the public through this website, social media and the mainstream media in our quest to bring about awareness and change

To advocate our cause on Capitol Hill to introduce and/or change laws to better serve our military personnel affected by chemical exposure and to protect military personnel from dangerous toxins. 

We believe our best chance to succeed and to bring about change is to unify together as one group. The stronger we are, the larger the number of people supporting this cause, the harder it will be for the VA and other branches of our government to deny that this is happening and hopefully encourage them to work towards resolving these issues.

Many of us have been going through this since 2006. In that time we have collected some great resources & some ideas that we would like to share with you. 

Call To Action

We need Your Help:

Spread the word about our veterans & their families suffering from this issue.

Promote stopping exposure dangers - such as the open burn pits still in use in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Ask your government representatives:

  • to help change the current VA regulations which are denying assistance to our veterans and their families.

  • to create and/or support a bill funding medical research.

We need you to speak out, use your voice and support these veterans and their families! Visit our Call to Action Page.

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