Sgt. Brian Alvarado, U.S. Marine Corps

Sgt. Brian H. Alvarado served two tours in Iraq. His second deployment was in 2005 and came back in April of 2006. In December of 2007 they he was diagnosed with cancer.  By February 2008 he began a new battle with squamous cell carcinoma, at the age of 27.   

At last report in 2010, Brian continued to suffer with Dermatomyositis and additional health issues. Brian has battled numerous illnesses all related to cancers caused by chemical exposure. Throughout all these challenges, he has remained an inspiration to his family & friends and all who hear his story. Brian continues to battle the VA to receive acknowledgement that his illnesses are service related.

The Alvarado FamilyRocio, Brian's wife, sent us this picture showing Brian as he is today and it reflects some of the challenges he has faced. Particularly compared to the photo below, taken just prior to deployment.

"I am very proud of him because even throughout this ordeal he was able to graduate from ITT and get his associates in IT CNS and is currently working to getting his Bachelors." - Rocio


We have heard from a number of veterans that the care they are receivingAlvarado just before deployment is often less than adequate. Brian's wife, Rocio comments,

"On many occasions as we go to the VA in Long Beach and West L.A. for treatment we have come across people working in the hospital who have very little sympathy for these soldiers and their families.  I honestly don’t know how these people are allowed to work with the ill and the elderly. "


Sgt Brian H. Alvarado, U.S.M.C.